Services and Processes

Services and Processes

Why choose Calcagno Foundry? We are a smaller, diversified foundry with many different capabilities and specializations. Customers can investigate a variety of processes in deciding which application is right for their product. We are particularly well suited for small to large runs of precision industrial castings. Our expertise in precision casting translates into excellence in fine art castings. Please read on to learn about our abilities.


Calcagno Foundry uses investment casting in conjunction with electric induction technology, which allows us to pour a wide variety of alloys, including, but not limited to:

  • Carbon and low alloy steel
  • Tool steels
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Specialty alloys

Please contact us with any questions concerning metal alloys.

Investment Casting

Investment casting, or the lost wax method, is a process by which wax replicas of the product, produced either by a hand-poured silicone rubber mold or die injection, are converted into metal alloy.

Multiple wax parts are grouped into a 'tree', which is then coated with a combination of silica suspension and silica sand, creating a 'ceramic shell'. Once the desired thickness of shell is obtained, the shell is allowed to dry, and then placed in a kiln and fired to allow all wax to melt out. Metal alloy is then poured into the heated, hollow shell. When cooled, the metal parts are cut off the tree and finished to the desired degree.

Investment casting is well suited to precision industrial parts, complex castings where minimal machining is desired, and any application where detail is of utmost importance.


For customers in need of production molds for both industrial and fine art products, Calcagno Foundry offers an in-house moldmaking service. Our capability ranges from the very small, to life-size, to over-size.

We will create a silicone rubber/plaster mold from your original pattern or artwork. The mold(s) will then be hand-poured to obtain wax replicas, which will then move through the investment casting process.

Wax Injection

Wax injection dies are either customer-owned or can be outsourced by the foundry. Customers should consider a wax injection die for:
  • large runs
  • complex patterns
  • close tolerance castings

Sand Casting

Our sand casting capabilities are limited to non-ferrous materials. Please contact us with any questions about the sand casting process.

Metal Finishing

Calcagno Foundry offers a variety of options, from basic finishes to highly refined surfaces. Our capabilities include:
  • basic grinding and cleaning
  • polishing
  • glass beading
  • sandblasting
  • roto-blasting
  • vibratory tumbling